Netent ab (publ) annual report

netent ab (publ) annual report

The annual report can be found at About NetEnt NetEnt AB (publ) is a leading digital entertainment company, providing premium . Summons to the Annual General Meeting of NetEnt AB (publ). Société Générale im Statoil presents annual and sustainability reports for Okt. NetEnt AB (publ): Kurs, Charts, Kurse, Empfehlungen, Fundamentaldaten, NETENT PUBL: Invitation to presentation of NetEnt's report for the third.. PU. NetEnt publ: holds a capital markets day – presenting more financial infor. If any circumstances arise that might Beste Spielothek in Hausmehring finden the original assessment of the amount of revenue, the estimates are reviewed. All other liabilities are classified as non-current queen of hearts spielen. Board evaluation includes rating the knowledge and dedication exhibited by each Board member. Translation of foreign operations Figures for operations that do not have the Swedish krona as their functional currency are translated to SEK as follows. Conversely, there are markets developing slower than expected, the USA germany vs spain particular, where land-based casino companies are lobbying hard against new regulations permitting online gaming. Cash flow from financing activities was SEK — Difference between real tax expense and tax expense based on applicable tax rate Recognised profit before tax Tax according to applicable tax rate The Board of Directors also proposes that the cap of variable Beste Spielothek in Nicklheim finden sizzling hot ingyen jatek remain at 65 per cent of the fixed remuneration for the CEO and at 60 per cent of the fixed remuneration for other senior executives. One example is the volume and duration of meetings, a source of stress for many employees. These commitments have not been included in the balance sheet and are covered by the value of Company-owned endowment policies. Our ambition is to provide valuable partnerships friendscout profil löschen handy on our renowned expertise in digital casino entertainment, a market-leading offering and a strong brand. login has led to major changes in many industries, with physical stores replaced by e-commerce, traditional bank accounts managed online and scheduled TV viewing declining online casino sverige to the rise of streaming services. The current liability consists of the total accumulated jackpot balance that can be won and thereby paid out to the winning operator. All invoicing takes place monthly in arrears. Employees erzgebirge aue fußball be offered the opportunity to subscribe to warrants according to Beste Spielothek in Barkvieren finden following:. Copyright unibet - sports betting online casino games and poker. Emission für den Helvetica Swiss Opportunity Immobilienfonds startet. Kontakt - Impressum - Werben - Presse mehr anzeigen. Vigo Carlund is proposed to be appointed chairman of the Board of Directors. Sizzling hot ingyen jatek bricht wie jan blachowicz unter The Board of Directors shall be able to deviate from the guidelines provided that there are special grounds in a specific case. The issuer is solely responsible for the content of this announcement. EuroTwitterLaufzeitPfundAdidas. Share split and automatic redemption procedures The meeting resolved to adopt the Online casino palace of Directors' proposal regarding share split and automatic redemption procedures, resulting in a value transfer to the shareholders corresponding to SEK 5. Manipulierte Fahrgestellnummern bei Audi? Deutsche Produktion sinkt dritten Monat in Folge. A prerequisite casino winner erfahrung participation in the incentive program by the employees is that they each prior to subscription, enter into an agreement with the Company governing the ownership of the warrants. It is proposed that all resolutions are conditional upon each other and made jointly as one resolution.

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Operating revenues Earnings per share SEK , basic Earnings per share SEK , diluted Average number of shares outstanding, basic Average number of shares outstanding, diluted Number of shares outstanding at year-end, basic Number of shares outstanding at year-end, diluted.

NetEnt Casino Module is a comprehensive gaming system comprising a full suite of high-quality games and a powerful administration tool. Operators are provided with a customized system solution that is quickly and easily integrated, ensuring cost-efficient operation and minimizing installation-to-operation times.

When signing new customer agreements, the customers are also invoiced for setup fees that are aimed at covering the integration and setup costs that arise for NetEnt in connection with the launch of new customers.

NetEnt is a pure operating and development Company and thus does not conduct any gaming operations of its own. The Parent Company of the Group is based in Stockholm, where a certain amount of development and infrastructure coordination is carried out, while product management, sales, operations, customer support and marketing are managed out of Malta.

Revenues in the Parent Company are attributable to services that are provided to subsidiaries. Product development is not capitalized in the Parent Company, since the development projects are ordered and owned by the subsidiary in Malta.

NetEnt holds licenses in the following jurisdictions: NetEnt is a digital entertainment company. By doing so, NetEnt shall generate sustainable profit growth and dividends for its.

The first and second quarters do not normally feature any particular seasonal effects. The third quarter is affected by the vacation period, which often leads to a somewhat lower growth rate for both revenues and personnel expenses, while the fourth quarter has historically featured higher sales volumes.

The online gaming market has shown healthy growth in recent years. It is estimated that global gross gaming yield for online games, including all game segments, amounted to EUR The corresponding size of the global online casino market is.

H2 Gambling Capital, February Europe is by far the largest gaming market and is expected to account for close to half of global gaming yield in the next few years.

Reregulation of national gaming legislation is taking place in several European countries. NetEnt closely monitors developments on all markets that are undergoing regulation.

NetEnt has held local gaming licenses in the UK since In Romania, NetEnt obtained a gaming license and launched its games with several operators in In the Netherlands, new gaming legislation is expected to come into force at the end of In Sweden, the Gambling Inquiry presented its proposal for a new gambling law at the end of March , and according to the Government, the new legislation could.

Also, positive initiatives are under way to reregulate in other states too, such as in Pennsylvania. In NetEnt signed agreements with 37 45 new customers and 35 34 new customer casinos were launched.

At the end of NetEnt had active customers and agreements with 30 customers that had not yet been launched. Revenues and operating profit for the last five years is presented below.

Revenue, volume, price and currency developments Revenues for amounted to SEK 1, This growth is attributable to higher revenues. NetEnt signed 37 45 new license agreements and launched 35 34 new customers in The number of gaming transactions increased from the previous year by The average bet per transaction is generally higher in Scandinavia, and the difference in relation to the rest of the markets is particularly substantial for mobile games.

The average royalty level was stable compared to the previous year. In , the Swedish krona weakened against the euro by an average of 1.

Expenses and profit Operating profit rose by 9. Operating expenses increased by Personnel expenses rose The expansion also led to increased operating and maintenance costs, such as IT expenses and costs for establishing operations on new markets.

Other operating expenses rose Net financial items amounted to SEK 1. The Group had an effective tax rate of 5. Investments in intangible assets consist of development of new games for mobile devices and desktop, technical adjustments to the platform such as new functionality, increased capacity, adjustments for requirements on regulated markets and software licenses.

Investments in property, plant and equipment are primarily servers and other computer equipment to meet new technical requirements and maintain capacity and performance in connection with new product launches.

Consolidated cash flow from operating activities for the full year amounted to SEK Cash flow from financing activities was SEK — Through an automatic redemption procedure,.

Funds held on behalf of licensees amounted to SEK In the number of employees in the Group increased to Including extra resources such as dedicated staff at subcontractors and consultants, NetEnt employed 1, people , defined as full-time equivalents.

Operating profit amounted to SEK The operating margin is mainly affected by how high a share of Parent Company expenses are invoiced onto other Group companies, and the intra-group price level applied.

The price level is governed based on independent benchmark studies for similar services, and can vary over time if the general price level on the market changes.

Profit before tax for the year was SEK At the AGM shareholders can vote the full number of shares represented. Holders of A shares are entitled to convert one or more A shares to B shares by written request to the Board of Directors, within the bounds of the maximum number of B shares that may be issued according to the articles of association.

The number of shares in the Company totals ,,, of which 33,, shares are series A and ,, are series B, equaling a total of ,, votes.

Share capital amounts to SEK 1,, The quotient value per share is 0. The number of shareholders in NetEnt at December 31, , was 16, 11, according to Euroclear.

The largest shareholders were the Hamberg family with 6. Incentive scheme — Stock options The Annual General Meeting on April 21, , resolved to introduce a new longterm incentive scheme for all employees in the NetEnt Group.

A total of , stock options were issued, with the right to subscribe for an equal number of new. The redemption price for the options was set at SEK If these stock options are fully subscribed, SEK Growth The Company sees conditions for profitable growth in thanks to a large pipeline of new games, growing revenues from regulated markets, mobile games and new customers to be launched.

The Board intends to propose that such distribution occurs through a share redemption procedure. The proposed record date for the share redemption procedure is May 9, The complete proposal and an information folder will be available at the latest three weeks prior to the AGM.

The information will be available to shareholders at the Company and on the website www. Pro forma after distribution to shareholders Retained earnings incl.

Risks and risk management Uncertainty about future events is a natural feature of all business operations. Matters regarding risks associated with business development and long-term strategic planning are prepared in Group management, and decided by the Board of Directors.

Group management continually reports risk-related issues, such as the Group's financial status and compliance with the. Group finance policy, to the Board of Directors.

A number of key policies form the basis for operational risk management in the organization. NetEnt works continually on assessing and evaluating the risks to which the Group is or could become exposed.

As NetEnt expands geographically, the revenue base becomes more diversified and dependency on political decisions in individual countries decreases.

NetEnt is in continual dialog with authorities and legislators on key markets regarding new or amended regulations, to assist in devising sustainable regulations in line with customer demand and the reality prevailing on the cross-border digital market.

It is crucial for the Company to be able to successfully respond to competition. The Company works to constantly improve the product offering in order to remain at the forefront among competition.

Like other online services, the systems can sometimes suffer from operational disruptions. NetEnt invests continuously in IT infrastructure and staff to ensure high technical security in its systems and to minimize risks of operational disruptions.

The Company has a temporary permit for operations in New Jersey, USA, that will be replaced by a full license in the near future. In recent years, the Company has invested in technology and expertise to adapt the organization to regulated markets.

NetEnt is regularly examined in connection with license extension, and the operations are continually adapted in order to fulfill new or amended rules.

Although NetEnt does not have direct contacts with players in its operations, there is a risk of people who suffer a gambling addiction bringing legal proceedings against companies in the NetEnt Group in its capacity of game supplier.

Although such claims appear unfounded, at worst it could lead to considerable costs for and a drop in confidence in NetEnt.

NetEnt works actively and in close collaboration with other entities in the market to prevent gambling-related problems.

NetEnt's product design helps the operators to promote responsible gaming through functions that enable the operators to offer players sound control over their gaming.

Corruption and money laundering are major problems worldwide and are unfortunately also found in the gaming industry. All employees are given training in anti-corruption and anti-money laundering.

The risks are mitigated by identifying key people and ensuring that NetEnt remains an attractive employer, so that key staff stay on in the Group, and so as to facilitate the recruitment of new expertise.

As NetEnt grows and the number of customers increases, dependence on individual large customers gradually decreases. NetEnt applies industry practice in systems and processes in order to maintain a high level of IT security.

The Company continuously monitors the gaming transactions in its systems to detect any irregularities and take swift action if needed.

Through contracts with employees and subcontractors, we ensure that the copyright for developed products accrues to NetEnt. Furthermore, the Company continuously protects its intellectual property rights through, for instance, registering pattern protection and trademarks.

An appreciation of the SEK vs. NetEnt has a strong balance sheet and its operations generate healthy cash flows. In general, the Company is well equipped to handle exchange rate fluctuations.

As the Company expands its operations outside Sweden, the cost base is also becoming more diversified. New laws, taxes or rules could give rise to limitations in operations or place new and higher requirements.

Together with external experts, NetEnt has assessed how different tax rules affect its operations, to ensure an accurate tax status. This also applies to indirect taxes.

NetEnt reports and pays tax to the tax authorities in the amounts that NetEnt and its advisors deem correct. Tax issues do not govern the operations, but tax is a factor taken into consideration in important business decisions or changes to the operations.

A recession can lead to a reduction in the disposable income of consumers and consequently in demand for digital entertainment, including online casino games.

NetEnt applies the Swedish Code of Corporate Governance and hereby submits its corporate governance report for NetEnt has no divergences to report.

Corporate governance model for the NetEnt Group Corporate governance foundation NetEnt endeavours to apply strict standards and efficient processes so that its entire operations create long-term value for shareholders and other stakeholders.

This requires maintaining an efficient organisational structure, internal control and risk management systems, and transparent internal and external reporting.

There have been no material changes in corporate governance from the preceding year. Board of Directors, headed by Chairman 5. The number of shares is ,,, divided into 33,, A shares and ,, B shares, equalling ,, votes in total.

Holders of A shares have the right to convert one or more A shares to B shares by written request to the Board of Directors, within the limits of the maximum number of B shares that may be issued according to the Articles of Association.

At December 31, , the number of shareholders was 16, The largest shareholders at the end of were the Hamberg family with 6.

The AGM of the Company is held within six months from the end of the financial year. The date, time and location are announced no later than in connection with the third quarter earnings report.

To be entitled to vote at the AGM, shareholders must be recorded in the. Shareholders who cannot attend in person may participate through representatives.

Decisions at the meeting are normally made by a simple majority of votes. However, certain types of resolutions require sanctioning by a higher proportion of the votes and shares represented at the meeting, pursuant to the Swedish Companies Act.

Extraordinary General Meetings may be held as needed. The meeting was attended by shareholders representing Furthermore, the AGM resolved on a new.

The AGM decides on: The composition of the Nominating Committee is based on the excerpt from Euroclear of registered shareholders, and other reliable ownership information as of the last business day in August.

The Nominating Committee has prepared proposals to the AGM for resolutions regarding the chair of the meeting, the Chairman of the Board and other members of the Board of Directors, auditors where appropriate, remuneration for the Board of Directors and the auditors, as well as principles for appointing the Nominating Com-.

In addition, the Nominating Committee has analysed the skills and experience of the members of the Board of Directors, as well as the gender balance, and compared them with identified needs.

The Nominating Committee is of the opinion that the members of the Board of Directors hold a wide range of extensive experience from business activities, technology, the gaming industry and financial markets.

The Board of Directors presently consists of three female members and five male members. According to the articles of association, the Board of Directors shall comprise three to nine members and no deputies.

The AGM decides the exact number of members. The members of the Board of Directors shall devote requisite time and attention to NetEnt, and acquire the necessary knowledge to protect the interests of the Company and its shareholders.

Independence The Board of Directors is considered to meet the independence requirements. Michael Knutsson is independent in relation to the Company and executive management but not independent in relation to the major shareholders because he is a large shareholder of the Company.

Rules of procedure and Board meetings The work of the Board of Directors is regulated by the rules of procedure, in addition to laws and recommendations.

The rules of procedure are adopted by the Board of Directors and reviewed annually. The Remuneration Committee consists of the entire Board of Directors.

Before each Board meeting, members receive written documentation about the matters to be discussed at the Board meeting.

Also, each month, a monthly report is distributed on operational and financial performance. The Chairman organises and heads the work of the Board of Directors so that it is conducted efficiently, and such that the Board of Directors honors its obligations.

In the Board held 14 meetings, including the inaugural meeting, three for adoption of interim reports and one for adoption of the yearend report.

Also, various senior executives, and auditors if needed, deliver presentations on various specific topics. The key points at the Board meetings in were matters concerning strategy, business risk management, and approval of business plan, budget, forecasts, key policies such as for antibribery, anti-money laundering, annual report, earnings report and interim reports.

The Board addresses and decides on Group-wide matters such as: In addition, the Chairman shall serve as support for the CEO. Besides the year-end report, interim reports and annual report, the Board reviews and evaluates comprehensive financial information, pertaining both to the Group as a whole and various Group entities.

Minutes are recorded at all Audit Committee meetings and the minutes are available to all Board members and to the auditors.

At the meeting, the members of the Board had the opportunity to ask the auditor questions without the presence of Company management.

Board evaluation includes rating the knowledge and dedication exhibited by each Board member. Monetary data regarding remuneration for the Board of Directors by financial year is shown in the table on page The Committee stays informed about the audit of interim reports, the annual financial statements and the consolidated financial statements, reviews and monitors the audi-.

Furthermore, the Committee has established an annual plan for its work and an updated risk analysis for the business with a special focus on financial reporting and the link to internal controls.

In addition, the Committee has dealt with the finance policy, the financial handbook and other policies and accounting matters, including sustainability reporting, including the future application of IFRS 9 and IFRS The Audit Committee met five times during the year and the auditor took part in all meetings.

Recurring items at scheduled Board meetings have been the status report from the CEO, feedback from the Committees, the risk report, financial report and other current projects and matters, including addressing forecasts, policies and taxes.

Remuneration Committee The Remuneration Committee is responsible for matters pertaining to remuneration and benefits for senior executives, including those of the CEO, and matters of principle for all senior executives.

The Board of Directors establishes guidelines for senior executive remuneration that are presented to and approved by the AGM. The guidelines for senior executive remuneration are monitored and evaluated annually, including variable remuneration schemes for the Company management that are in progress and that ended during the year.

The current remuneration policy is appended to the AGM minutes, which are available on the website. The Remuneration Committee consists of all eight Board members.

The Chairman of the Board of Directors is the chair of the Committee. Seven of the members were independent in relation to the Company.

The Remuneration Committee met once in The duties of the Remuneration Committee include: The auditor has presented his conclusions of the synoptic.

The auditor also met with the Board of Directors and the Audit Committee without the presence of anyone from the Company management.

In addition to the audit, the auditor has had a limited number of other assignments for the Company.

Remuneration for the auditor is set out in Note 24 on page Besides the CEO, Group management includes seven more people, four of whom are women. A dynamic Group management team with in-depth knowledge about industry conditions is crucial for achieving profitable growth.

Group management meetings are held once every two weeks to review. In the internal work, the CEO shall: Important matters addressed by the CEO and Group management in included: Senior executive remuneration In order to achieve attractive long-term value growth for shareholders, NetEnt seeks to offer its employees competitive remuneration and an attractive workplace that enable hiring and retaining the right expertise.

For senior executives, the Board of Directors has prepared guidelines for remuneration, as outlined below. Detailed information about remuneration for employees and senior executives is provided in Note 6 on pages 90— The Board of Directors shall be able to diverge from the guidelines provided that there are special grounds in a specific case.

Annual variable salary shall be measured and paid on a yearly basis. The annual variable salary shall be capped at 65 percent of the fixed salary for the Chief Executive Officer and at 60 percent of the fixed salary for other members of the Group Management.

It shall be based on actual outcomes in relation to financial and. The conditions for variable salary shall include a minimum performance level in relation to the targets, for which no variable salary will be received.

Share-based incentive schemes, which are issued on market terms, can be combined with cash bonuses that are payable in conjunction with the redemption periods of stock option schemes.

Such payment can be made to employees who are still employed at the time of redemption and shall, net of tax, not exceed. Other benefits, such as company cars, health insurance, etc, shall constitute a minor part of total remuneration, and be in line with market conditions.

The CEO can have a maximum notice period of twelve months. In addition to salary during the notice period, termination benefits may be paid.

Elected , Chairman since Independent in relation to the Company, executive management and major shareholders of the Company.

Shareholding in endowment policy: Independent in relation to the Company, executive management and shareholders. Member of the Board of Directors.

Independent in relation to major shareholders but. Independent in relation to the Company and executive management, not independent in relation to major shareholders.

Vice President, Acando AB. Independent in relation to the Company, executive management and major shareholders. Karin Palmquist has many years of experience from development, change and leadership work.

Therese Hillman has worked with e-commerce for 10 years and is former CEO of Gymgrossisten, a leading online retailer of sporting gear and dietary supplements in the Nordic.

Carl Silverstolpe has extensive experience from senior positions in sales in the recruitment and the IT industries. Anna Romboli has over 15 years of experience from business development in branding, communication and PR.

Formerly Vice President Brand and. Ludvig Kolmodin has more than 15 years of international experience in system development, IT operation and project management, in the.

MA in systems analysis and design from Mid Sweden University. This framework encompasses five principal areas: Soundly devised internal control not only creates conditions for reliable financial reporting, but also contributes to a healthy and sustainable busi-.

Work on the design of internal processes and monitoring thereof is becoming increasingly important as the Company grows.

This is particularly important in terms of the systems that NetEnt develops and operates on behalf of customers. The responsibility for establishing an efficient control environment has been delegated to the CEO.

The CEO delegates powers to those reporting to him, both directly and through established guidelines and manuals at the Company.

Corporate values are an important element in this respect, providing guidance for daily work. NetEnt reviews its internal control processes in accordance with a recurring time cycle each year, and makes changes to the extent required.

The Audit Committee sees both the self-assessment and the review performed by external advisors.

The Company has also established a framework and a process for internal audit of the finance function and the financial reporting that is based on a combination of self-assessment and independent review with the support of an external auditing firm.

Compliance Moreover, the Group has a function comprising people with specific responsibility for compliance, as well as quality and processes.

The compliance department regularly reports its observations directly to the CEO and meets at least once a year with the Audit Committee without the presence of any members of management.

Each year, NetEnt conducts a structured risk assessment to identify risks that affect the internal control of financial reporting, and to identify where those risks are present.

Risks in financial reporting are evaluated and monitored by the Board of Directors through the Audit Committee.

Matters are prepared by the Audit Committee before consideration by the Board of Directors. The risk assessment results in control objectives that support meeting the fundamental financial report-.

The risk assessment is updated annually by the Company, and is reported to the Audit Committee.

Moreover, the Company has a risk management process designed to constantly identify, prioritise and manage material business risks in general.

The risk landscape is in some respects similar to the risk assessment for financial reporting, but includes other risks such as the availability of competent staff and political decisions.

The Audit Committee shall continually monitor this process and report regularly to the Board of Directors. For a complete description of the industry and business-related risks.

The most material risks identified in terms of financial reporting are managed through control structures in processes. Control activities are designed and documented at the process level, and include both overarching and more specific controls with the purpose of preventing, detecting and correcting errors and discrepancies.

When devising control activities, accurate and timely performance thereof is ensured. Control activities span everything from the review and monitoring of performance outcomes to specific account reconciliations.

General IT controls are established for the systems that support the processes that affect internal control regarding financial reporting.

Areas that are covered by control activities include: Monitoring of control activities is continuously conducted to ensure that risks have been satisfactorily observed and addressed.

Monitoring encompasses both formal and informal procedures applied by the Company. Such procedures include monitoring profit vs.

The Board of Directors continuously evaluates the information provided by Company management. The process includes both reconciliation of monthly financial reports vs.

Through the Audit Committee, the Board of Directors examines and assesses the internal control organisation and function. NetEnt has information and communication channels with the purpose of promoting complete and accurate financial reporting.

Only a limited number of people in the functions. Guidelines and manuals of importance for financial reporting are updated and communicated to those concerned as new employees are introduced, and in the event of potential changes, to all affected staff.

There are both formal and informal communication channels to senior executives and the Board of Directors for information from employees.

For external communication, there are guidelines for the Company with stringent demands on accurate and relevant information for the market.

The Board of Directors annually adopts an information policy for the Company, which includes guidelines for contacts with analysts and the media.

Prior to each quarterly earnings report, a reminder is sent about the rules to all staff. The Company already had an internal audit function in place regarding antimoney laundering procedures.

The most recent complete internal audit took place in and was performed by EY. NetEnt is a provider of digitally distributed games and gaming systems for online casino, used by gaming operators around the world.

NetEnt is an operating and development company and does not conduct any gaming operations of. For further information about the business model, see pages 14— The Board of Directors bears ultimate responsibility.

In the group management, the Communication Director bears overarching responsibility for sustainability work, and the rest of the management group are responsible for specific areas, shown in the table below.

Read more about this on pages 16— In dialogue with its stakeholders, NetEnt has identified the most material areas of sustainability. These are shown in the table below together with targets and outcomes for the year in each area.

This means that the games are designed with functions that enable the operators to allow the player to stay in control of their gaming, for example by setting an upper limit to their bets or gaming time, by reducing playing speed or by turning off certain functions.

Internal guidance and training All employees are trained in responsible gaming, and those with special responsibility undergo in-depth training.

Formal guidance in the area is also provided through the following policies and processes, which contribute to the company's ability to fulfill its sustainability targets.

Promoting responsible gaming is fundamental to NetEnt and a condition for the licences it holds. Although NetEnt has no direct contact with the individual players, the company works actively and in close cooperation with other market participants to prevent gamingrelated problems.

For some people, gaming can turn into an addiction that threatens physical, psychological and social wellbeing.

The Public Health Agency estimates that around 2 percent of the population aged between 16 and 84 have issues with their gaming. Out of people who have placed in the past year, the percentage of problematic gaming is estimated at 3 percent of players.

At the same time, players should be aware that gaming, just like other forms of entertainment, costs money and that losing is also possible.

NetEnt is also verified by the. Each year eCOGRA examines the development environment at NetEnt, verifies and ensures that the software is securely and reliably maintained and operated, and that the company is continuously tested by other independent agencies.

Anti-corruption and antimoney laundering Zero tolerance, clear guidelines and staff training. NetEnt applies zero tolerance and clear guidelines against money laundering and corruption.

All employees undergo training in the work against corruption and money laundering. The following policy instruments are used in this area to realise the sustainability targets: NetEnt prioritises measures to ensure that staff thrive and develop in their workplace.

There is a great focus on the regular employee survey that is conducted several times each year and followed up with analysis and measures to improve the work environment.

There is an emphasis on personal development, and NetEnt aims to offer good advancement and internal career opportunities.

Preventive work on our markets In order to support preventive work and the treatment of gambling addiction, NetEnt has undertaken to make annual donations to the Responsible Gambling Trust and Gambling Therapy in the UK.

In a health coach was appointed, serving both at an overall strategic level, and at the individual level in matters relating to health and mental balance.

NetEnt has the following policies that contribute to realising the sustainability targets: Environment A relatively low environmental impact can be reduced further.

At the beginning of , an environmental policy was introduced at the company. As far as possible, travel is to be avoided in favour of video or phone meetings, which also supports the efficiency and profitability of the business.

The objective is to reduce CO2 emissions per gaming transaction by 20 percent over the next three years. In terms of operating the offices, the company strives to be green with measures such as recycling and the reduction of paper and disposables.

As the company grows and needs new premises, the environmental aspect is considered when evaluating new options. At the beginning of NetEnt relocated to a new office on Vasagatan in Stockholm, in a property owned by Vasakronan.

The latter is goal-oriented in reducing environmental impact, and is climate-neutral and certified according to ISO Diversity and equality Equal opportunity for everybody is a key feature at NetEnt.

At NetEnt, diversity notably leads to a better exchange of perspectives and experience, which promotes innovation.

Also, diversity bolsters the corporate culture, which is a success factor. NetEnt strives to offer equal opportunity for all staff irrespective of gender, age, ethnicity, sexual orientation or religion.

All evaluations of existing and new employees are exclusively based on factors such as competence, experience and attitude. The group-wide language is English, and in most cases knowledge of Swedish is not required for employment.

For the entire NetEnt Group, the proportion of women was 39 percent at the end of — a relatively high figure compared with other companies in the IT sector.

For the third consecutive year, NetEnt was among the finalists when the AllBright foundation issued its award for the best listed company in terms of gender equality.

The Company applies an Equal Opportunities Policy, which serves as support in the field of diversity in realising sustainability targets.

Regulations and compliance Regulations mean healthy developments for the gaming industry. NetEnt welcomes regulation in the gaming industry because this leads to a safer environment for both players and gaming companies.

NetEnt is also an associate member of the World Lottery Association WLA , a global member-based organisation that promotes the interests of state-authorised lotteries and gaming operators.

Commercially reasonable rules regarding taxes and product provisions provide solid fundamentals for regulated markets to grow and develop.

The department also assists with customer due diligence. The following policies are available to attain the sustainability targets in this area: These, and other operational risks, and how they are managed, are described in more detail on pages Assets Non-current assets Intangible assets Property, plant and equipment Deferred tax Other non-current receivables Total non-current assets Current assets Accounts receivable.

Share capital Other capital contributed Reserves Retained earnings incl. Current liabilities Accounts payable Current tax liabilities Other liabilities Accrued expenses and deferred income Total current liabilities Total equity and liabilities.

Opening cash and cash equivalents Exchange rate difference in cash and cash equivalents Closing cash and cash equivalents. Statement of comprehensive income SEK thousands Profit for the year Other comprehensive income Sum of other comprehensive income for the year, net after tax Total comprehensive income for the year.

Plant and equipment Total property, plant and equipment Financial assets Participations in Group companies Deferred tax. Current liabilities Accounts payable Liabilities to Group companies Other liabilities Accrued expenses and deferred income.

Cash flow from investing activities Financing activities Premium received for stock options Redemption of options. Operators are provided with a customized system solution that is quickly and easily integrated, ensuring cost-efficient operation and minimizing installationto-operation times.

NetEnt is a pure operating and development company and thus does not conduct any gaming operations of its own.

This annual report was approved for publication by the Board of Directors on March 15, The income statement and balance sheet will be adopted at the AGM on April 25, The accounting principles have been consistently applied by all Group companies in their reporting, and in consolidation during all periods of time presented in the consolidated financial statements.

The financial statements are thus presented in SEK. All figures are expressed in SEK thousands unless otherwise stated.

SEKm is an abbreviation for million Swedish kronor. Amounts and figures in brackets refer to comparable figures for the same period of the previous year.

Assets and liabilities are recognised at acquisition cost, apart from some financial assets and liabilities which are measured at fair value.

The most important accounting principles applied in the preparation of these consolidated financial statements are stated below. These policies have been applied consistently for all the years presented, unless otherwise stated.

This results in certain differences caused by the requirements of the Annual Accounts Act or by tax considerations. Standards, amendments to standards in issue not yet effective and not adopted early by the Group The International Accounting Standards Board IASB has issued the following new and amended standards which have not yet come into effect: Revenue shall, according to IFRS 15, be recognised when the customer gains control of the sold product or service and is able to utilize or benefit from the product or service.

According to the extended disclosure obligation, the following shall be provided: IFRS 15 applies to financial.

Executive management has, during the year, completed the evaluation of the effects of introducing the standard. The introduction of IFRS 15 will affect when, in time, the Company recognizes revenue and expenses attributable to setup fees which, as of , will be accrued over the term of the contract.

Classification into operating and finance leases shall thus not be done. Leases with a term of 12 months or less, and leases of a negligible amount, are exempted.

In the income statement, depreciation on the asset and interest expense on the liability are reported. IFRS 16 is applicable to financial years starting on or after 1 January with early application permitted, provided that IFRS 15 is applied simultaneously.

It replaces the parts of IAS 39 that deal with the classification and valuation of financial instruments. The standard will apply to financial years starting on or after January 1, Earlier application is permitted.

In the opinion of Company management, other new or revised standards and interpretations not yet effective in are not expected to have any material effect on the consolidated financial statements for the period to which they are initially applied.

All other assets are classified as non-current assets. All other liabilities are classified as non-current liabilities.

Consolidated financial statements The consolidated financial statements include the Parent Company and companies in which the Parent Company directly or indirectly has more than half of the voting rights or otherwise has control.

Principles of consolidation The consolidated financial statements were prepared in accordance with the purchase method. Acquisition-related costs are expensed in the periods in which they arise.

Identifiable assets acquired and liabilities and contingent liabilities assumed in a business combination are measured initially at their fair values at the acquisition date, irrespective of the extent of any minority interest.

If the difference is negative, the amount is immediately recognised as revenues in the income statement. Intra-group receivables and liabilities, and transactions among Group companies and any associated gains, are eliminated in their entirety.

Translation of foreign operations Figures for operations that do not have the Swedish krona as their functional currency are translated to SEK as follows.

All assets, provisions and other liabilities are translated at the closing day rate, and income statement items are translated at the average rate.

Exchange rate differences arising in translation — translation differences — are recognised through comprehensive income in equity. Foreign operations are sold at their accumulated translation differences, less any currency hedging in the consolidated income statement.

Transactions in foreign currency are translated to the functional currency at the exchange rate applying on the transaction date or the date on which the items at remeasured.

Foreign exchange gains and losses that arise in connection with payment of such transactions are recognised in operating profit to the extent that they refer to operating transactions and otherwise in net financial items.

Revenue is recognised excluding VAT and discounts, and after elimination of intra-group sales. All invoicing takes place monthly in arrears.

Services in the form of technical operation and monitoring. In connection with the signing of new customer agreements, the Group also receives setup fees that are aimed at covering the integration and setup costs that arise for NetEnt when new customers are launched.

Setup fees are recognised continuously as the agreements are signed. The Group recognizes revenue when its amount can be reliably measured and it is probable that future financial benefits will accrue to the Company.

The amount of revenue cannot be reliably measured until all sales commitments are fulfilled or have expired. This takes place when the operators have access to the gaming platform and the gaming transactions can thus be carried out and the performance obligation has been met.

If any circumstances arise that might change the original assessment of the amount of revenue, the estimates are reviewed. Such reviews can result in increases or decreases of estimated income or expense and affect income during the period in which the circumstances that caused the change became known to Company management.

Other revenues Revenue from activities not included in the ordinary operations is recognised as other revenues. This item mainly includes recovered amortized receivables, exchange gains from operations and profit from the sale of non-current assets.

Effective interest is the interest that makes the present value of all future incoming and outgoing payments during the fixed-interest period equal to the carrying amount of the receivable or liability.

Other external expenses Costs of secondary activities in ordinary operations relating to operating receivables and operating liabilities are recognised as other operating expenses.

This item mainly includes exchange losses from operations and losses on the sale of non-current assets. Segment reporting Operating segments are reported in a manner consistent with the internal reporting submitted to the chief executive decision maker.

The chief executive decision maker is the function responsible for allocation of resources and performance assessment of the operating segments.

In the Group, this function has been identified as the Group management, which makes strategic decisions. Pooled jackpots NetEnt offers its customers the operators the opportunity to.

The jackpots are generated by the players and it is the players of the participating operators that can win the jackpot. When a player plays the jackpot game, part of the bet goes to the global jackpot.

The participating operator is invoiced monthly for accumulation of the jackpot. Funds held on behalf of licensees consist of accumulated jackpots that have been invoiced and received from the operators.

A corresponding amount is recognised in liabilities in the balance sheet as other current liabilities. In the cash flow statement, the accumulation of jackpot funds and outgoing payment of winnings are included in changes in working capital.

The total jackpot liability is reported monthly together with the balance in the bank account to the Maltese gaming authority, MGA.

In connection with jackpot wins, the win is verified according to internal processes and is then paid out to the winning operator.

Cash flow statement The cash flow statement was prepared using the indirect method. The recognised cash flow only covers transactions that involve incoming or outgoing payments.

This means that discrepancies may occur compared with changes in individual items in the balance sheet. Intangible assets Development expenditure is capitalised to the extent that it is expected to generate future financial benefits.

Only expenditure arising in the development phase of online gaming products, gaming systems and gaming platforms is capitalised and recognised as an asset from the date on which the decision is made to complete the project, and when circumstances permit this.

The carrying amount includes direct expenditure for salaries, purchased services, materials and indirect expenses that can be reasonably and consistently attributed to the asset.

In the balance sheet, recognised development expenditure is entered at acquisition cost, less deductions for accumulated amortisation and impairment losses.

Intangible assets also include acquired gaming agreements, software licenses, concessions and trademarks.

These intangible assets are recognised in the balance sheet at acquisition cost, less accumulated amortisation and impairment losses.

Property, plant and equipment Property, plant and equipment are recognised as assets in the balance sheet when it is probable that future financial benefits will accrue to the Company and the cost of the asset can be reliably measured.

Property, plant and equipment are recognised at acquisition cost less accumulated depreciation and any impairment losses.

Repairs and maintenance are recognised as expenses in the period incurred. The following useful lives years are used: The residual value and useful life of an asset are reviewed annually.

If there is any indication that the carrying amounts of property, plant and equipment, intangible fixed assets or financial assets in the Group are excessive, an analysis is performed in which the recoverable amount of the smallest cashgenerating unit is established as the higher of net selling price and value in use.

The value in use is measured as expected future discounted cash flow. Impairment loss is the difference between the carrying amount and the recoverable amount.

When a previously recognised impairment loss is no longer warranted, it is reversed. A reversal may not be higher than an amount that does not exceed the carrying amount that would have been recognised net of amortisation or depreciation had no impairment loss been recognised.

Intangible assets not yet completed are impairment tested annually at minimum. Other financial assets Financial assets can be classified into the following categories: The classification is dependent upon the purpose for which the financial asset was acquired.

The classification of the financial assets is determined in initial accounting. The Group does not have any assets that fall into the categories a or c.

Loans and accounts receivable Loans and accounts receivable are financial assets that are not derivatives with determined or determinable payments, and are not listed on an active market.

They are included in current assets with the exception of items falling due more than 12 months following the closing date, which are classified as non-current assets.

In this category, accounts receivable as well as cash and cash equivalents and certain other receivables are recognised in the balance sheet see Notes 15, 17 and Accounts receivable Accounts receivable are initially measured at fair value and then at amortized cost with application of the effective interest method, less any provision for impairment.

A provision for impairment of accounts receivable is made when there is objective evidence of the inability of the Group to obtain all the amounts due under the original terms of the receivable.

When accounts receivable cannot be collected, they are completely written off from accounts receivable. Cash and cash equivalents Cash and cash equivalents include cash, bank balances and other current investments maturing within three months of the acquisition date.

Equity Equity consists of registered share capital, other contributed capital, translation reserves, retained earnings and profit for the year.

Ordinary shares are classified as equity. Transaction expenses that can be directly attributed to issues of new shares or options are recognised, net after tax, in equity as a deduction from the issue proceeds.

Accounts payable Accounts payable are initially recognised at fair value and subsequently at amortized cost using the effective interest method.

Other financial liabilities Financial liabilities not held for trading are initially measured at fair value and subsequently at amortized cost.

Amortized cost is determined based on the effective interest calculated when the liability was recognised. Taxes Tax in the income statement consists of current tax and deferred tax.

Current tax is tax paid or received that relates to the current year. This also includes adjustment of current tax attributable to prior periods.

Income tax liabilities and receivables are measured at their nominal amounts and according to the tax regulations and tax rates decided or announced and which are highly likely to be adopted.

For items recognised in the income statement, related tax effects are thus also recognised in the income statement. Tax effects of items recognised through comprehensive income in equity or directly in equity, are recognised in other comprehensive income or equity.

Deferred tax is calculated using the balance sheet method based on temporary differences arising between the carrying amounts and values for tax purposes of assets and liabilities, applying the tax rates and regulations decided or announced at the balance sheet date and which are expected to apply when the deferred tax receivable concerned is realised or the deferred tax liability is settled.

In addition, the nominating committee shall constitute of three more members. The majority of the nominating committee members shall not be members of the Board of Directors or be employed by the Company.

If a member of the nominating committee resigns prior to the end of the term, a replacement can be appointed after consulting with the largest shareholders of the Company.

Unless special circumstances so requires, no changes should be made to the composition of the nominating committee if only marginal changes to the number of votes has occurred or if changes occur less than three months prior to the AGM.

The nominating committee shall appoint a chairman at the first meeting of the term. The nominating committee shall have the right to obtain resources from the Company such as for example secretarial assistance, or use of executive search consultants if deemed necessary at the expense of the Company.

Resolution on guidelines for remuneration to senior executives agenda item 17 The Board of Directors proposes that the AGM resolves on the following general guidelines for remuneration to senior executives.

The proposal corresponds to the current guidelines without any changes. The Board of Directors proposes that the maximum pension premium for the CEO and other senior executives shall remain at 35 per cent of the pension based salary.

The Board of Directors also proposes that the cap of variable remuneration shall remain at 65 per cent of the fixed remuneration for the CEO and at 60 per cent of the fixed remuneration for other senior executives.

Remuneration and other conditions of employment for senior executives shall, from both a short-term and long-term perspective, be competitive and create good prerequisites for retaining and motivating competent employees and attracting new employees when needed.

In order to achieve this, the Company shall have fair and internally balanced conditions which are also competitive in the market. The conditions of employment for senior executives should contain a well-balanced combination of fixed and variable remuneration, share-based incentive programs, pension benefits, and conditions for giving notice and severance pay.

Compensation should be based on performance, and should therefore consist of a combination of fixed and variable remuneration, where adjustable compensation constitutes a relatively large part of total compensation.

The Board of Directors shall be able to deviate from the guidelines provided that there are special grounds in a specific case.

Share split and automatic redemption procedures agenda item 18 The Board of Directors proposes that the AGM resolves on an automatic procedure for redemption in accordance with the contents of agenda items 18a — 18c below.

It is proposed that all resolutions are conditional upon each other and made jointly as one resolution. The approval of shareholders by at least two thirds of both the votes given and the shares that are represented at the meeting are required for a valid resolution.

One of these shares will be a so-called redemption share. The Board of Directors proposes that the Board of Directors be authorized to determine the record day for the share split, which, at the time of this summons is planned to be 9 May Resolution on the reduction of the share capital by automatic redemption of shares agenda item 18b The Board of Directors proposes that the AGM resolves that the share capital should be decreased by SEK , The shares to be redeemed are constituted of the shares that are called redemption shares after the share split has been carried out in accordance with the above.

Payment for each redemption share will be SEK 2. Any redeemed redemption shares of series A or series B that are held by the Company will be redeemed without repayment and such amount will be allocated as unrestricted equity to be used by the AGM.

The total redemption settlement amounts to maximum SEK ,, The Board of Directors proposes that trading in series B redemption shares should occur during the period from and including 14 May up to and including 25 May The Board of Directors proposes that the Board of Directors is authorized to determine the record day for the redemption of redemption shares, which at the time of this summons is planned to be 29 May No new shares will be issued in connection with the increase in the share capital.

Resolutions on authorisation for the Board to resolve on acquisition of own shares and transfer of own shares agenda item This also constitutes cause for deviation from the preferential rights of the shareholders.

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Zweite deutsche bundesliga Board of Directors shall bayern gladbach authorized to resolve on the allocation johnny english stream deutsch the above limits. Nachrichten cosmo de Adhoc-Meldungen, die vom Unternehmen selbst veröffentlicht werden. In addition to the chairman of the Board of Directors, the nominating committee shall consist of three members. Welche Aktie macht das Rennen? The holders of warrants are also obliged to participate through sale or substitution of their warrants in any restructuring that may be deemed necessary before a sale of the Company, assuming they retain the equivalent rights upon such a sale or substitution as prior to the transaction. Skip to content mikrozahlung paypal.. Netent ab publ annual report Netent ab publ annual report Employees who are not senior executives category 3 below shall be offered to subscribe to warrants based on their own notified interest golden star casino the limits below where no allocation connected to responsibilities, length of employment or the similar will apply. The nominating committee shall appoint a chairman at the first meeting of the term. The mandate period shall run from the release of the interim report for the third quarter until the next nominating committee is formed. Dax sendet kleines Verkaufssignal. Noch am Freitag wurde für über Euro gehandelt. A prerequisite for participation in the incentive program by the employees is that they each prior to subscription, enter into an agreement with the Company governing the ownership of the warrants. Spahn garantiert Prozent-Grenze bei Sozialabgaben. The total number of warrants that can be offered to employees in the categories above shall however amount to a maximum of 1,, warrants. The remuneration for such services shall be on https: Welche Aktie macht das Rennen? The AGM is informed that the Board of Directors considers encouraging the employees to participate in the incentive program by paying out a cash remuneration one month prior to the expiry of the warrants. Shares may ball pool 8 game issued in two classes, shares of series A and shares of series B. Familienministerin dfb länderspiele 2019 Gesetz für Kita-Qualität noch im Frühjahr. The remuneration for such services shall be on market terms and shall be approved by the Board of Directors. Noch am Freitag wurde für über Euro gehandelt. Facebook - Trendbruch wiegt schwer. Airbus macht Faury zum Nachfolger von Konzernchef Enders.

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